Sustainable love and harmony

After our wedding, Karen and I returned to my hometown in Sinop, Turkey. Full of happiness in our new life together, we wandered my city, met with family, ate lots of food, and told many stories. I also provided Karen with a tour of Sinop. People have lived in Sinop for more than 2500 years and worked in a number of old and new industries connected to the land and Black Sea.

One of those industries is the making of linen table runners. It is a women’s tradition. For centuries, women have turned flax into linen and linen into beautiful table runners. Production happens in the homes across the city and provides another way for women to contribute to their families and community.

Each linen table runner is unique. Weave by weave, knot by knot, the linen is designed based on a vision and traditions of beauty. Each runner is made with meticulous care and love, sustaining a tradition that works in harmony with nature and the people of Sinop.

Karen and I love every part of the process: from the planting of flax seeds and harvest to the weaving of fibers into these beautiful table runners. We love the idea of sustainable art that supports women and Sinop.

With all of this mind, we have decided to bring these runners to North America. Karen and I live in Los Angeles, but we offer these linen table runners to the Etsy community. When you purchase one of these linen runners, not only do you support the women who made them, but for every 50 runners we sell we will donate a loom to the community of Sinop.

Thank you for learning more about these organic, sustainable table runners.